This website is operated by Shiva Shakti Associates. The privacy policy is applicable to all the users who view or visit the pages of the website and also submit the information.

Shiva Shakti Associates values the privacy of the users and undertake the responsibility to protect the personal or any other information of the users. This Privacy Policy refers to the protocols and procedures to be followed for the collection, storage, usage and disclosure of personal information of the user as required by the relevant law / regulations in the usual course of business.

The User will be expected to comply with Shiva Shakti Associates in order to maintain the confidentiality of the details and it is advised that Users should always choose their passwords wisely so that no unwanted exposure is produced by a third party.

In order to make the password more complicated and impossible for anyone to guess. The users must use a combination of special characters, numbers, and alphabets such as P,g,@,!,12 etc. Users should undertake not to reveal their password to others.

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The displayed ads that user sees on the website are delivered by third parties. The user has selected the marketers to whom their information would be forwarded. We have no control over these independent 3rd parties in terms of their functionality. We are trying to act in good faith and providing the comparison of the services of advertisers and also allowing them to advertise on our website. We are not responsible for their services that are advertising on this website. Users should do appropriate checks before engaging in any services and do not engage if in doubt.


Shiva Shakti Associates has all the rights to update Privacy Policy and list of 3rd parties on their website. Any update related to updating in the privacy policy or list of 3rd parties is directly sent to the users or clients on their registered e-mail address and phone number.

Log files: implements a common protocol for utilizing log files. These files can register users as they access the websites. The details collected by log files include user version, ISP (Internet Service Provider), IP address (Internet Protocol Address), referring/exit pages, and a number of clicks on the websites. These files are not connected to any information that is personally identifiable. The aim of collecting the information is to evaluate patterns, monitor user’s activities on the website, and gathering demographics of the same.

Cookies Policy: uses cookies like another website. These cookies are used to store information including the interests of users, and the pages that the user has accessed or visited on the website. The information is used to customize the experience of the users by customizing our web page material depending on the device level/browser type and other details of the users. uses a platform given by Google named Google Analytics for cookies. Also, users are free to disable these cookies by changing the web browser’s setting on their devices. is not responsible for cookies placed by other website on their devices to collect information.


In case of any concern or dispute, the User may contact the CCR (Customer Care Representative), the details are mentioned on the website and the Customer Care Representative shall immediately resolve the complaints within the fair period as provided in relevant rules or laws.

Effective Date:

This Privacy Policy was last modified on Sep, 2020.