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We have almost 15 years of experience in the financial consulting business, and have established a prominent presence in India .

We are a technology-driven financial consulting firm that focuses on approvals using data points from different borrowers’ data sources to determine creditworthiness and provide fast approvals based on minimal documentation. For your loan / financial product of choice, we offer premium options and offers. For all types of lending solutions, we are your guide, counsellor, mate. And we think that one can see a path to high financial growth with proper judgement and guidance. Starting from knowing the profile and need of our customers to select the right product from the appropriate Bank / NBFCs, we handle your end-to – end borrowing needs before the loan is disbursed.


Financial Consulting Service

  • Strategy in finance
  • Efficiency of organisation
  • Control of working capital
  • Management of planning and results
  • Compliance of Company

The finance consulting of the Shiv Shakti Associates will help to drive productivity in routine transactional processes, enabling a change in emphasis to develop the financial function's strategic value. In order to direct policy towards developing a value-driven financial company, the Shiv Shakti Associates partners with finance executives.

Our finance consulting services optimise the output of finance systems while reducing their costs by incorporating validated best practises derived from our close work with world-class organisations operating at exceptional levels of productivity and effectiveness.

Our REL working capital division has helped clients free up billions of dollars of cash with decades of hands-on expertise in cash flow management, expanding their ability to finance new goods and markets, pay down debt, or execute strategic initiatives.

The need for management of business results has never been greater. The Shiv Shakti Associates works with finance and control executives as part of our finance consultancy services to ensure that the correct measurements are used and that early indicators are used to detect changes in key expected components.

The Shiv Shakti Associates will help you simplify your enforcement procedures and reduce the risk and expense of enforcement mistakes locally and internationally by introducing best practises.


Ajay Garg

The team of Shiv Shakti Associates is always very comprehensive, educational, and gets you the best possible quality & price. I hired them for a business loan last year and they helped me get the loan properly. The whole thing was really seamless & smooth and I knew I had the best I could get at the end of it!! Thank you for helping me.

Kiran Gaur

I can honestly say that the most enjoyable process I've experienced was getting my personal loan through Shiv Shakti Associates. I was welcomed and refreshed. The acute phase was exactly the same as what I had previously been told. Thank you for helping me and making my dream come true, Shiv Shakti Associates!!

Rohan Singjh

After years of being dissatisfied with brokers & finanical advisor for many reason, I found Shiv Shakti Associates. His attention to detail and honest straight forward attitude has been a breath of fresh air into one of my least favorite aspects of being a business owner. I highly recommend Shiv Shakti Associates for financial advisor.


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